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FRIWO Chargers

We provide world-class, high-quality charger technology from FRIWO and are your ideal solution for mobile applications. Our standard portfolio of chargers are extremely energy-efficient and use nickel and lithium battery technology, with a minimal stand-by loss.

Medically approved 65W open-frame power supplies

With the new OF65 Medical Power Supplies line FRIWO offers highly efficient open-frame switch mode power supplies in standard industrial format of 4 x 2 x 1 inches.

USB 3.1 / USB Type C Power Delivery

In 1996 the USB 1.0 standard was introduced with a maximum data rate of 12 Mbit/s. In 2000 the USB 2.0 standard was specified with a data rate of 480 Mbps. This is still the most common version of USB in use (as of writing). In November 2008, the USB Implementers Forum introduced the specification for USB 3.0. In SuperSpeed mode, a maximum data rate of 5 Gbit/s is achieved with USB 3.0.

Minimum shelf-life for storing electronic devices

The "shelf-life" of an electronic device is significantly influenced by its aluminum electrolytic capacitors ("E capacitor"). This is what the analysis of shelf-life with its usual calculations of longevity and reliability initially has in common.

Flush-mounted Power Supplies: Seeing the unseen

For easy installation and protection against vandalism. The FRIWO flush-mounted range of switch mode power supply units are extremely compact and highly efficient, with an optimum size for easy installation and mounting within the wall. With a maximum diameter of just 51mm, these units are ideal for installation in all standard flushmounted sockets and can be fully hidden in walls.

Energy Efficiency Requirements

The statutory requirements have intensified over the years due to the technical progress. California published firstly statutory requirements by the California Energy Commission (CEC), then the EU followed with the Eco Design Directive 2009/125 / EC and finally there were limiting values for the entire US and many other countries. Based on these guidelines, the “International Efficiency Marking Protocol for External Power Supplies” has been developed, which allows a classification of the limiting values into so-called Efficiency Levels.

Certificates for China; CCC or CQC approvals for power supplies

In China, there are two certification systems for product quality standardization, certain product groups are subject to authorization, most of them can be approved voluntarily. The certification is carried out by an approval agency. A self-declaration of conformity with Chinese standards for products subject to approval is not possible. Products which are not subject to certification are not required to be tested by an approval agency. Distribution and import to China, however, are simplified for an approved product.

Conceptual design of battery management systems (BMS) for medical devices

The engineering and production of customised lithium-ion battery packs requires the creation of a reliable overall system in accordance with the battery management system (BMS) used. FRIWO is a long-term supplier of power supplies for medical technology and is aware of the importance of maximum safety and reliability. Failure of a battery pack in a medical device can entail dire consequences if, for instance, respiratory devices or defibrillators are powered by them.

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