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Assisted Living Products

We approached a global provider of assisted living products and services. The customer had already purchased a small quantity of high quality globally approved power supplies from Haredata. Most of the existing systems used power supplies with linear rather than switch mode technology.

We were able to offer the latest technology environmentally compliant switch mode PSUs offering a significant energy efficiency improvement for the end users. The application required power supplies with an exemplary level of safety and we offered products compliant with IEC60950, UL60950 and EN60950.

Assisted Living Products The customer distributes systems on a global basis so required a product with global safety approvals from a supplier with experience of managing the approvals process. These particular requirements were driven in part by the fact that the systems being powered by the FRIWO PSU are used in a domestic environment, often by vulnerable users. Another major concern was to provide enhanced surge and lightning protection.

The application requires the power supplies to be “live” 24 hours per day, almost anywhere in the world. We offered an enhanced surge protection of 6kV in order to satisfy this requirement and concern.

High Specification Power Supplies

This was a customer specific requirement that required a higher than standard specification. Reliability and high MTBF were also of major concern, and the FRIWO range was selected after evaluation of several competitive products.

The customer has subsequently taken delivery of over 500,000 pcs to this specification.

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