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Electronic Cigarettes (e-cigs)Since their introduction less than 10 years ago, electronic cigarettes have enjoyed a rapid growth in sales - with over 2 million UK users to date. Marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco products, “e-cigs” are predominantly used by current smokers to help them cut down or by ex-smokers to help them quit altogether. However, people often overlook the potential dangers of using cheap USB chargers which have, on occasion, been known to explode and catch fire!

Electronic cigarettes work by using a rechargeable battery to vaporise liquid nicotine and deliver a sensation similar to smoking a normal cigarette – but without the harmful carcinogenic chemicals found in tobacco. The battery is usually recharged using a standard USB power supply and this is where the problem often occurs. Cheap Chinese USB chargers can be found all over the internet for as little as 99p and, not surprisingly, most of them fail to meet current European safety standards.

Charging Electronic Cigarettes A number of UK electronic cigarette importers have approached us recently, concerned that the USB chargers they were being supplied did not meet the required safety standards. Indeed, some had even been paid a visit by Trading Standards who had politely requested that they stop selling them!

Haredata Electronics were able to help our customers by offering them a range of European designed and fully certified USB Chargers – suitable for electronic cigarettes or any other device requiring a standard USB power supply. Manufactured by FRIWO, all of our power supplies and chargers are backed by fully traceable approvals - giving our customers peace of mind in supplying safe and legal products.

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