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Learning Aids Our client was developing a brand new learning aid product with a goal to put one in every classroom around the world. The first challenge they faced was, due to the environment they were needing their equipment to operate within and the sensitivity of their electronics, they required a Power Supply with extremely low EMC characteristics. We were able to design a special Power Supply specific for their needs and this was achieved by using the experienced FRIWO German engineering team along with many hours of intensive testing using FRIWO’s own purpose built EMC test laboratory.

The second challenge posed to us was the Power Supply had to have an above average Mean Time Between Failure, known as the MTBF calculation, as this was a high value product requiring guaranteed long operating times without failing. With all our products always designed and manufactured to the highest standards using only quality components we were able to demonstrate to the customer our MTBF calculations, using the stringent MIL-HDBK-217 standard, that our results were more than sufficient for their needs.

Global Approvals

The final challenge they faced was to obtain global approvals for the usual countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, United States, Australia then they was the other countries to consider, Mexico, Korea, Japan, South Africa, Russia. With FRIWO’s knowledge of the global approval market, the relationship and reputation they have with the approval bodies coupled with their extensive CB reports and documentation we were able to gain these approvals for not just the Power Supply but helped gain these for the overall system too.

Finally the client required help with brand awareness and as the Power Supply was also to be visible within the classroom we were able to produce a print tool to enable us to tampo print their brand on the Power Supply and help raise their brand.

We are delighted that the product is a success and that we were able to help our client achieve their goals.

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