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Medical Contamination Tester

We originally approached this manufacturer of medical contamination testers to offer our dedicated battery chargers, initially they were loath to evaluate additional chargers because of persistent problems with NimH battery life in the field, they were working on a solution to this issue but were struggling to reconcile the feedback from the separate suppliers. We conducted some trials with their equipment, and as a result of the detailed feedback our FRIWO medically approved chargers were able to provide we were able to demonstrate to the customer that the NimH batteries were reaching excessively high temperatures when installed in the product, which was having a catastrophic effect on cycle life.

medical contamination testers As an interim measure we were able to offer a charger with temperature sensing, which allowed management of the cell temperature during the charge process, however, this was only half the story, as under discharge the temperature would increase above the recommended cell temperature once again. Through our partnership with GP we were able to offer a ruggedized higher temperature NimH cell, which was much more able to cope with the demands of the application, albeit at the cost of overall capacity and therefore runtime.

The Solution: Li-Ion Cells

medical contamination testers Therefore we set about offering a bespoke, optimised solution for this demanding application, using high temperature and crucially, high capacity Li-Ion cells. As a result of the increase Wh rating of the Li-Ion cells the customer was able to redesign the product to allow a longer run time, and at a lower percentage current drain from the battery pack, the overall temperature reduced as well, giving further benefits to the cycle life of the product in the field. Only through the combination of a medical charger and battery from a single source, and with our expertise in the field of Li-Ion batteries and the required charging. Were we able to ensure the overall solution was supplied that met, or in this case exceeded, the customer’s expectations.

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