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ODU Connectors We approached a local manufacturer of an ultrasonic instrument, who had until then been sourcing off the shelf power supplies manufactured in China, albeit from a UK distributor. Their main issue was the need to fit a very small pitch ODU connector – as a result they had to use a very small gauge output cable, and even then the fitting of the connector was the main limiting factor in their production process.


Fitting ODU Connectors to our Power Supplies

Fitting ConnectorsWe were able to offer an alternative power supply, which was the correct rating for their instrument, this removed the possibility of the power supply delivering more current under fault conditions than the cable could safely handle. However, the biggest benefit to the OEM was our ability to fit the connectors in house in a very efficient manner – meaning they saved cost, only dealt with one supplier, and crucially it freed up their labour to do what they did best – i.e. manufacture the instrument, while we supplied the completed PSU. This arrangement enabled an increase in production throughput, and was instrumental in allowing our customer to secure a large order on a short leadtime, which under the previous arrangement, they would not have had the time to do.

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