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We are ready for EuP!

Eco-design Directive for Energy-using Products The Eco-design Directive for Energy-using Products (2005/32/EC) came into force in August 2007.

It establishes a framework under which manufacturers of energy-using products (EuP) will, at the design stage, be obliged to increase energy efficiency and reduce products’ negative environmental impacts. One of the products now mandatorily covered by the Directive is External Power Supplies where requirements for Efficiency and Standby Losses are specified. Compliance with these requirements is shown by the logo IV or V on the base print.

All global units that meet the EuP requirements have to be marked with one of the following logos:

EuP Requirement Logos

Eco-design Directive for Energy-using Products As from May 1st 2010 it will be illegal to use non compliant external low voltage power supplies for all products covered by the Directive. The requirements of the EuP Directive state that all external power supplies must have a minimum efficiency of 80% and a standby power of <= 0.5W. Linear Power Supplies do not meet these requirements. However, as alternatives, we are pleased to announce that all Friwo Switch Mode products meet these requirements.

Why not give Haredata a ring to discuss your PSU requirements with the confidence that the units they supply or recommend to you will meet all current statutory regulations.

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