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Probably the World's Smallest Global USB Power Supply!

"The GUP"

Haredata Electronics is proud to introduce their smallest universal USB power supply unit on the market. As USB fast becomes the portable electronics industry standard, more and more companies are turning to the versatility of a USB-socket power supply. A quick browse of the internet brings up hundreds of cheap USB power supplies. However, with barely a CE certificate in sight, your business is at risk! Engineers and buyers should be looking for a reputable manufacturer who can demonstrate fully traceable safety approvals. This is where we can help……

Probably the World's Smallest Global USB Power Supply!

The GUP is the latest addition to Haredata Electronics’ renowned range of universal plug top power supplies and features:

Haredata Electronics have been supplying high quality power supplies & chargers, designed and manufactured by Friwo, Germany, for over 25 years. Please feel free to get in touch with us for any low voltage power supplies, battery chargers, DC-DC converters, battery packs and accessories.

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