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Power Accessories

In addition to our full range of Power Supplies and Battery Chargers, Haredata Electronics can offer a full range of companion products.

We stock many different mains leads, from Australian and South African, through Indian and Israel, and even UK versions!! Our mains leads are available in straight and right angled plug versions, with C14 (kettle type) and C8 plugs, we stock a wide range of colours, and even have UV resistant variants available.

We also stock a range of USB leads to compliment our USB range – these are available with micro or mini USB connectors, or even with barrel connectors fitted.

USB connectors
Power Cords

And finally, if you are after batteries for your application, we can offer you everything from a standard, non re-chargeable AAA to a bespoke Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack.

GP Batteries
Battery Packs

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