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Peak Performance

Do your applications require a power supply that can handle high transient peak loads?

Motor, Pump and Actuator drive systems invariably require very high peak current to overcome starting inertia:

Peak Performance
Peak Performance
Peak Performance

Or perhaps you are driving Solenoids which have a repetitive intermittent high current requirement?

Peak Performance
Peak Performance
Peak Performance

These are quite common on hydraulic and pneumatic systems along with the requirement to operate continuous process equipment.

For all of these applications, reliability and energy efficiency are critical.

What Haredata Electronics can offer is strong technical advice along with an application based specification for these and many other engineering driven requirements.

The Power Solutions we offer are designed and manufactured by Friwo Geratebau GmbH, one of the worlds most respected PSU and Charger manufacturers.

At Haredata, we have almost 30 years’ experience of working with Friwo products and applications, and these new Peak-power units are a great addition to an already extensive range.

With nominal Power ratings from 24-450 Watt, we have a solution for your application.

Type Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Peak Current Load
OF 150 100 - 240 V 24 V 6.25 A 9 A Peak
OF 250 100 - 240 V 24 V 10.5 A 12.5 A Peak
OF 450 100 - 240 V 24 V 15 A 22 A Peak
DT 60 100 - 240 V 24 V 2.5 A 8 A Peak
PK 2 200 - 240 V 24 V 1 A 4.6 A Load Change
PK 3 200 - 240 V 35 V 1 A 5 A Load Change
PK 4 200 - 240 V 37 V 2.5 A 5 A Load Change
OpenFrame Peak Performance
Plug In Peak Performance

Please contact Haredata Electronics to discuss your project with our highly experienced Power Engineering specialists.

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