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Medical Power Supplies - The Heart of your Application

We have a wide range of medically approved platform solutions to fit all your needs and become the heart of your product application. Medical power supplies have been our passion for over 25 years, with the experience of FRIWOs' own passion for 40 years. Safety and compliance to worldwide global standards is of upmost importance to us and you can feel safe in the knowledge that a medically approved power supply designed and produced with Haredata Electronics and FRIWO will exceed your own expectations!

Range of Medical Power Solutions

  • DoE 2016 ready
  • IPx2
  • Leakage Current ≤10μA
  • 2 x MOPP
  • IEC 60601-1 Approval
  • Global Production Facilities
  • High MTBF rate
  • High Robustness
  • 15k VESD Protection
  • OEM Solutions
  • Water-proofed Sealed Units
  • Made in Germany

Our range of Medical Power Solutions include:

Plug-In Power Supplies

Plug-In Power Supplies

  • Solutions from 3 to 30W
  • Minimum leakage currents ≤10μA
  • 2 x MOPP protections class
  • IP42 protected exchangeable plug systems
  • Medically approved USB power supplies
  • DoE 2016 ready

Desktop Power Supplies

Desktop Power Supplies

  • Standard platform products from 12 to 150W
  • Minimum leakage currents ≤10μA
  • 2 x MOPP protection class
  • MTBF 200,000 hours
  • DoE 2016 ready

Open Frame Power Supplies

Open Frame Power Supplies

  • Standard platform products up to 450W medical power
  • OEM solutions up to 1kW
  • Minimum leakage currents ≤10μA
  • Fanless designs
  • Various mechanical installation options

Wired Power Supplies


  • Medically approved Li-Ion, LiFePO4, NiCd/NiMH and Pb chargers
  • OEM solutions up to 1000W
  • Wide platform product portfolio for a large variety of cells
  • Off-the-shelf desktop chargers and plug-in solutions with fixed bottoms or exchangeable plugs
  • DoE 2016 ready



  • Standard battery packs from 2S1P to 10S3P
  • Customer-specific OEM solutions
  • Bundle solutions with perfectly matching chargers
  • Production services and UN/ADR-compliant logistic solutions
  • Own FRIWO BMS offers manifold safety and communication possibilities

Inductive Power Supplies


  • Power transmission up to 150W
  • Up to 10mm distance between transmitter and receiver
  • 90% efficiency
  • Water and dust-proof energy transfer
  • Optional data transmission with 1Mbit/s half-duplex

Some of the possible medical applications for our power supplies include:

Infusion Pumps

Maximum precision, even after drops and impacts in partly rough hospital life.

Dental Shade Determination

Comfortable handling in sterile environments with inductive charging solutions

Hospital Beds

Electric adjustments of hospital beds mean short-term peaks or fluctuating load profiles to a power supply.

Laboratory Equipment

Highly accurate research and analysis equipment for maximum reliability in demanding environments

Why not get in-touch with one of the team at Haredata Electronics to find out how your application can be powered by a safe and reliable power supply from us.

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