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RSL Steeper Be Bionic Application

When RSL Steeper commenced development work on the new bionic hand, they called upon Haredata Electronics to supply Chargers for their development and approval work.

Haredata supply both a medically approved plug top Charger as well as a Desktop unit for the various versions of this ground breaking prosthetic device.

Reliability, safety, Medical and global approvals including UL were critical aspects of RSL Steeper’s decision making process when selecting the supplier for both development work and ultimately their production requirements.

As a supplier to RSL Steeper for many years Haredata Electronics was the natural choice as a partner to work with on this exciting and life changing project.

Be Bionic Haredata along with Friwo continue to work with and support RSL Steeper on the “bebionic small” as well as other projects.

Read more about the application on the RSL Steeper Blog post: First UK user receives world’s most lifelike bionic hand.

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