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Technical Expertise and Advice on Batteries as well as Chargers

Technical Expertise and Advice on Batteries as well as Chargers

We realise that selecting a quality charger is only half the battle, for this reason we have worked hard to be able to offer the same level of knowledge and support on the batteries as well as their chargers.


Secondary (Rechargeable) Cells Haredata Electronics offer a full range of rechargeable NimH cells, from our partner GP, ranging from AAA to F size - from 800mAh to 13000mAh. On our website you will find the full technical details of all the cells available as standard, featuring specific cells designed for more demanding environments such as high temperature or for high drain applications.



FRIWO Li-Ion Battery Packs Of course FRIWO have their own offering of 18650 Li-Ion packs, ranging from 2S1P up to 10S3P, with 38.3 approval as standard - again full technical spec. sheets are available via the Haredata website


The combination of the above with FRIWO and Haredata’s long track record of developing and supplying dedicated battery chargers for many differing market sectors means that you can be certain of the performance of the complete solution in your product.

Please take a look and see what we can offer for your next project.

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