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FRIWO's New "FOX-C" Chargers

Optimized Control for Various Power Ranges

FRIWO's New "FOX-C" Chargers The charging technology expert FRIWO, headquartered in Ostbevern/Germany, has expanded its charger range: In addition to the established plug-in power solutions, the FOX-C range also provides powerful desktop chargers. The new solutions focus on lithium-ion technology which is currently one of the most popular cellular chemistries because it features high power density and low weight.

Lithium-ion technology also poses a high security risk for incorrect handling; For example, Li-ion batteries neither possess overcharge or discharge tolerances. A higher technical charging effort is required to safeguard proper handling of this technology. The FRIWO Li-Ion chargers are equipped with a charging and discharging µ-controller to protect the cells accordingly. This also impacts the long-term use of the battery: the charging process and its implementation significantly influence both efficiency and service life of a battery.

FOX-C chargers are particularly designed for Li-Ion batteries with CCCCCV charging method. "CC" stands for constant current and "CV" for constant voltage. The CCCCCV charging process starts with a low, constant charging current (CC). The second phase (CC) triggers the main charge. As soon as the battery voltage approaches the permissible end-of-charge voltage, the charging current decreases automatically. The battery charge left is carried out with a constant voltage (CV). Eventually, the charging process is terminated when the charging current reaches a preset value (1/10 of the charging current). Alternatively, charging may be terminated after a predefined charging time. A trickle charge, as is known from former NiMH batteries, does not exist with LI-Ion. It can damage the batteries or even destroy them in the long run which requires a complete shutdown of Li-Ion charging processes.

The FOX-C chargers offers standard solutions for different cell configurations and power ranges. The figure in the chargers' product name characterize the power ranges: FOX50-C (50 Watts), FOX90-C (90 Watts) and FOX160-C (160 Watts). All three of them have an identical housing design with extremely compact dimensions (179x86x50.5mm) and comply with standard IEC 60335. In addition to this, the PCB layout of the units has been designed in accordance with EN606061 to meet the stringent safety requirements for medical technology.

The units comply with protection class 2 and are voltage regulated, current limited and short circuit proof. Consequently, they offer a high operational reliability and a long service life. This is also confirmed by the high MTBF of the units of over 200,000 hrs. A high efficiency factor and a minimum standby power loss of ≤ 0,5W make these chargers so magnificent.

With the new FOX-C chargers, FRIWO provides cell configurations of 4S to 10S. The charging currents vary from 1.5A to 4A and can be selected in accordance with the capacity of the battery pack. To meet the service life guaranteed by the battery manufacturer, the charging current should basically not exceed the result of the formula "0.5 * battery capacity".

All units are equipped with a wide range input 90 - 264 VAC for worldwide use. Accordingly, the AC input offers a 2-pin C8 socket. The output of the units provides a 3-pin lead and JST plug. In addition to the connectivity for power transfer (+,-), an additional NTC connection offers the possibility to respond to temperature developments within the battery pack and to adjust the charging current appropriately. The plug is also compatible with FRIWO's standard battery packs which results in perfectly matched solutions from a single source.

In addition to standard products, customized adaptations by using software-based charging technology is feasible with little effort. The OEM solutions are also offered with individual secondary leads.

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