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FRIWO Chargers

More power, lower consumption

We provide world-class, high-quality charger technology from FRIWO and are your ideal solution for mobile applications. Our standard portfolio of chargers are extremely energy-efficient and use nickel and lithium battery technology, with a minimal stand-by loss. Along with the energy savings provided by our battery chargers, they have exceptional operational lives and offer outstanding levels of safety. All the devices from FRIWO are voltage controlled, current-limited and continuously short-circuit-proof. Products designed for use with lithium batteries feature charge and discharge monitoring, which effectively protects their sensitive cells from damage when in use.

FRIWO Chargers

Hardata Electronics are a “one-stop shop” for charging and battery technology: Along with the innovative chargers provided by FRIWO, we offer standard and custom battery solutions to allow us to create an optimally balanced system.

In addition to our portfolio of standard FRIWO products, we offer extensive development expertise for custom batterypack solutions. Regardless of whether you require high or low performance, convection cooling, temperature monitoring, active battery balancing or communication via BUS systems, our comprehensive experience and expertise in the field of charging technology will help you find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

With over 30 years partnership with FRIWO, they continue to innovate by exploring new power supply concepts. In the field of contactless energy transmission, we have already realized efficient inductive charging systems with a 150W power rating and parallel 1 Mbit/s half-duplex data transfer. Because they are dustproof and waterproof, inductive charging concepts are ideally suited for medical applications and for use in particularly rough and challenging environments.

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