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Minimum shelf-life for storing electronic devices

The "shelf-life" of an electronic device is significantly influenced by its aluminum electrolytic capacitors ("E capacitor"). This is what the analysis of shelf-life with its usual calculations of longevity and reliability initially has in common.

Energy Efficiency Requirements

The statutory requirements have intensified over the years due to the technical progress. California published firstly statutory requirements by the California Energy Commission (CEC), then the EU followed with the Eco Design Directive 2009/125 / EC and finally there were limiting values for the entire US and many other countries. Based on these guidelines, the “International Efficiency Marking Protocol for External Power Supplies” has been developed, which allows a classification of the limiting values into so-called Efficiency Levels.

USA Tightens Energy Efficiency Requirements for External Power Supplies

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced earlier this year that it was revising its external power supply efficiency requirements. This latest revision to the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) has been broadened to include power supplies over 250W, multiple output voltage devices and LED drivers.

Energy Efficiency Requirements for Charging Technology

Compliance with energy efficiency standards plays an increasingly important role for electronics. Statutory requirements for 'pure' power supplies have long been established worldwide. Now chargers have increasingly begun to capture the legislature's attention. The article describes the standards for the energy efficiency requirements for charging technology and circuitry solutions to conform with them.

LED Driver range launched with much fanfare

FRIWO's new LED Driver range, covering both constant current and constant voltage models up to 100W is now fully available, with a host of added features, including Switch, 1-10V and DALI compatible dimming, and featuring dimensions of only 30mm x 21mm these products are sure to find applications in the exciting and demanding sector of LED lighting.

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