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Come to the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Exhibition 2015

We will be exhibiting at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Exhibition 2015 on 10th to 12th of February 2015. You will find our dedicated sales team on our Stand F25.

FOX - FRIWO One-Click Xchange

Introducing the latest chapter in FRIWO’s ongoing product development story...

USA Tightens Energy Efficiency Requirements for External Power Supplies

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced earlier this year that it was revising its external power supply efficiency requirements. This latest revision to the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) has been broadened to include power supplies over 250W, multiple output voltage devices and LED drivers.

Inductive / Wireless Charging

FRIWO's expertise in the field of battery charging extends to many different areas, but one of the most interesting and significant for our customers is our capability in the field of wireless charging.

Energy Efficiency Requirements for Charging Technology

Compliance with energy efficiency standards plays an increasingly important role for electronics. Statutory requirements for 'pure' power supplies have long been established worldwide. Now chargers have increasingly begun to capture the legislature's attention. The article describes the standards for the energy efficiency requirements for charging technology and circuitry solutions to conform with them.

Presenting the NEW medically approved USB interchangeable plugtop PSU

This compact unit offers 5V at up to 1500mA - is available with a wide range of input plugs - from Argentina to Australia, and everything in between, and is fully approved to medical directive 60601 3rd edition.

Compact 100W Open Frame AC/DC Switching Power Supplies

Available from Haredata Electronics, our Open Frame power supplies are a part of a family of high performance 100W Open Frame AC/DC power supplies specifically designed to meet energy saving eco-design standards. Fabricated on a miniature 4 x 2 inch PC board, they offer a unique combination of high power density, robust performance and economy.

New International Interchangeable Plugs available

Adding to the range of international mains plug options for our GPP range of power supplies, we now have available new options to make your products available to more specific countries. We can now supply interchangeable mains plugs for Argentina, China, India, Korea & Brazil.

Medically Approved GPP6 Global Power Plug now available!

The GPP6 marks a new category of FRIWO's successful GPP platform.

Global Power Supplies for Medical Applications

Haredata's mission is to supply innovative, reliable products at competitive prices. With the addition of ELPAC products to the FRIWO range, Haredata now offer fully Internationally Approved Medical units to 60601-1 in plug in, desk top and open frame formats from 8 to 250 Watts.

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