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Welcome to the Haredata Electronics Blog where you will find all sorts of news and articles about Haredata Electronics and the power supply products and accessories we have.

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The Potential Issues of Dual Sourcing = Headache!

Haredata Electronics have supported our customers for over 25 years with FRIWO's premium range of power supplies and battery chargers.

Compact 100W Open Frame AC/DC Switching Power Supplies

Available from Haredata Electronics, our Open Frame power supplies are a part of a family of high performance 100W Open Frame AC/DC power supplies specifically designed to meet energy saving eco-design standards. Fabricated on a miniature 4 x 2 inch PC board, they offer a unique combination of high power density, robust performance and economy.

Probably the World's Smallest Global USB Power Supply!

Haredata Electronics is proud to introduce their smallest universal USB power supply unit on the market. As USB fast becomes the portable electronics industry standard, more and more companies are turning to the versatility of a USB-socket power supply. A quick browse of the internet brings up hundreds of cheap USB power supplies.

IEC60601 3rd edition

The 3rd edition of the Medical directive for low voltage power supplies became mandatory in June 2012.

Haredata wins outstanding design award!

At the annual international sales Meeting, Haredata Electronics were awarded FRIWO outstanding design in award for 2012.

Haredata Electronics wins the Friwo 2010 Outstanding Global Distributor Award

It is with great pleasure to announce that Haredata Electronics has won the Friwo 2010 Outstanding Global Distributor of the year award!!!

Haredata have moved

Due to continued business expansion, Haredata Electronics relocated to new larger distribution premises at the beginning of 2011.

New International Interchangeable Plugs available

Adding to the range of international mains plug options for our GPP range of power supplies, we now have available new options to make your products available to more specific countries. We can now supply interchangeable mains plugs for Argentina, China, India, Korea & Brazil.

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