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Energy Efficiency It has become increasingly important for Original Equipment Manufacturers who design external power supplies into their products to ensure that they comply with the latest energy efficiency standards. And, as more manufacturers are utilising a single power supply for worldwide use, its even more important to ensure that the PSU meets efficiency standards for every region that it will be sold into.

As the designers of the worlds first interchangeable plug-in power supply, FRIWO have been at the forefront of energy efficiency compliance – from the voluntary arrangements of the early 1990s through to the very latest US Department Of Energy (DOE) standards due to become mandatory from February 2016.

For over a decade now, various Energy Efficiency programs have been implemented around the world and its often been confusing for manufacturers trying to work out which standards they need to comply with. We have had the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the Energy Star program from the US, the Eco-Design and Energy Related Products (ErP) Directives from the EU and numerous other standards and approvals from around the world. Thankfully, most of these standards have now become harmonised under a common international efficiency marking scheme, using simple Roman Numerals. The current Level VI efficiency marking will meet or exceed the requirements of any governing body worldwide, but this is set to change from February 2016.


Worldwide Energy Efficiency In 2014, the US Department of Energy (DOE) published the more stringent Level VI standard that is due to become mandatory in the United States from 10th February 2016. It is expected that the EU will follow suit the following year and so Level VI will become the new international efficiency standard for external power supplies. There are, of course, exceptions to these requirements; the main one being power supplies for medical equipment. Other exceptions include power supplies for lifesaving and safety equipment and certain low powered devices for recharging batteries that primarily drive a motor (such as e-bikes or power tools).

FRIWO Efficient Power Supplies Once again, FRIWO are leading the way with DOE 2016 compliant power supplies with their brand new FOX range of interchangeable plug-top PSU´s. With ultra-low stand by losses (0.1W under no-load conditions) and average efficiencies of up to 83%, the new FOX range is being launched in both Office (IEC60950) and Medical (IEC60601-1) versions, and in a range of output powers. And, as with all FRIWO power supplies and battery chargers, they are available exclusively in the UK from Haredata Electronics.

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